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TRAVEL | Vietnam


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Photos | Lieu Ngo and I


Back from a weekend away at my family's place in the middle of nowhere.

Love to see them all again and I had a great time.

It was also super special to share it with my friends, showing them around the "real" Vietnam.


Tomorrow we're going to Phu Quoc Island, time to relax a little bit on the beach.

TRAVEL | First Impression


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Photos | By Me


A quick hi from Vietnam. 

A lot of things happend in the past two days since we arrived.

A friend got robbed, but we are all ok. Now we have to arrange a few things before the fun will start.


Speak to you soon.

TRAVEL | Citytrip Paris


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Photos | Kamsing Lau and I


Each time when I visit Paris, there is something new to discover.

Cute little hidden places all over town.

So can you imagine, when I'm strolling around and see something new I'm totally stunned and the first thing I get is my camera and take a few pictures of it...

I must be a very annoying tourist and company during a vacation.

But a good picture says much more than thousend words.

OUTFIT | Purple Pink


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Photos | Kamsing Lau

Armani Exchange | Lilac Boyfriend's Shirt

Asos | Pink Orange Bag

H&M | Bright Pink Short (get similar here)

Oasis | Zebra Printed Sandals (get similar here)

River Island | Round Sunglasses

Sandro | White Leather Details Jacket (get similar here)


Did some sight seeing after dinner in a purple pink ensemble. 

I could walk endlessly in this enchanting city.

Especially during the night when all the lights go on, the city turns into a magical place.


Let's stop dreaming for a minute and let's get back to reality Phuong!

I'm back in town and I need to prepare myself for a week full of night shifts.

This fashionista will turn into nurse Cinderella after midnight...


Enjoy your monday and have a great week.