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LIFE | Bye Bye Blogging


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Photos | Lieu Ngo


As some of you, my readers, might know I decided to quit blogging.

The last two years were great and I enjoyed blogging to the fullest.

I've met so many nice people and could experience amazing fashion related trips.

I could definitely not ask for more.

I've come to a new phase in my life and it's time to move on and change my priorities towards a different direction.


Thank you all for being so supportive, it made blogging so much more fun for me!

I will miss you and the bloglife a lot!

LIFE | City Hopping


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Photos | By me


September is a month full of city hopping.

Last week I was in London for the Esprit RCA event and next week it will be Paris with

I feel extremely lucky to experience all of this and I'm glad I can share this with you.

I still have a few pictures I would like to share with you from London town...


Enjoy your friday and weekend!


LIFE | Evening Of Mystique And Intrigue


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Photos | May Bui and Mai Ngo


I still want to show you some party pictures from my birthday. 

Lieu and I had an amazing time and couldn't ask for more...

It was truly an evening of mystique and intrigue. 

Special thanks for my family and friends, who join us and made this evening a great one!


"Find a mask and wear it well. so your true identity no one can tell. We just ask this one simple task, please come in cocktail and wear a mask." 


LIFE | Weekend In The Woods


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Photos | Lieu Ngo and I


How I spend my weekend in the middle of nowhere.

Three days having a lot of fun in the woods with my girls.

The weather was oh so warm, so most of the time we had to cool down at the swimming pool.

You won't hear me complain about this.


So what are you looking at?

Swimmingpool fun | Flamingo in the woods | Girls night out | Sun peeking through the leaves | Mirror fun with Lieu in

the background | Lovely sunset view at the lake | Walking around during sunset | Pine cones everywhere | Monique and

Lieu playing hide and seek | Vegetarian salad with goat cheese for dinner | Sunbathing in our "backyard"

LIFE | Days Off


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Photos | Mai Ngo and I


I had a few days off and this is how I spend my "weekend". 

Shopping sessions with my friends and delicious lunch in between. 

Cinema date with Kamsing, just like our first date ever (years and years ago)!

I had a great time with my family and friends...

Enjoy your evening!


Brought this super cute belt | Chicken salad for lunch | New collection of Nadine Calor is online, take a look over here

Drinks at Starbucks after the movies | Vitamine bomb XXL | New in: red Zara bag