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DIARY | Week Forty Two


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Photos | By Lieu Ngo & I


It's friday and the new weekend has started for me, or better say vacation! 

Cannot wait to be up in the air again with my girls.

It will be a great holiday for sure...

I have to get packing again, speak to you soon!

DIARY | Week Forty One


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Photos | By Me


A new week with a new diary post. What have I been doing the past couple of days?


Beautiful sunset in my street | Cleaning up my closet | Having dinner with my girls, ofcourse some cake for dessert |

Ladies night with Baileys | Reading Vogue on the couch | New Nike shoes | Ikea inspiration | Snacks

DIARY | Week Thirty Nine


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Photos | By May Bui and I


TGIF!! A long weekend break and I will enjoy it to the fullest.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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What are you looking at?

Nailspolish thanks to @Pamelacurrie | Dinner date, sushi it is | Knitwear to keep me warm | Prints for fall | Behind the scene pictures with @ohmaygod | On the road | Italian food is always good | Fall colors | British Vogue | New bed

DIARY | Week Thirty Six


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Photos | By me


It's friday night, so weekend has started! Do you have any plans for this sunny weekend?

I haven't shown you a diary post in a while, so here is a new one. Follow me @phuonginstyle for more updates!

So what are you looking at?


New silver Supertrash pants | Meet one of my photographer; Mai | Esprit RCA even in London | Sweet treats at work | 

Fittingroom session at Zara | Carpaccio sandwich | Great see through heels borrowed from my sister | Love the

decoration at Co/motion PR showroom | Strawberries and prints | From where I stand in army print

DIARY | Week Thirty Two


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Photos | Kamsing Lau and I


Our weekend in Paris has come to an end...

Time really flies when you're having fun in the city of love.

I’m now on my way back to Amsterdam.

So what are you looking at?


Streets of Paris | Freshly squeezed orange juice | Sightseeing like a real tourist | Musee Du Louvre | 

Macaron birthday “cake” | Le Tour de Eiffel by night | Le Seine | Kamsing also known as the photographer |

Window shopping at Marc Jacobs | Macaron for dessert | La Fayette | These sandals are made for walking


Enjoy your sunday!