OUTFIT | Sport Chic


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Photos | Mai Ngo

Alexander Wang | Black Satchel Bag

H&M | Plastic Statement Necklace

Unknown | Black Jersey Top

River Island | Light Pink Sport Pants

Zara | Black Golden Wedges


Love to add a sport accent to a casual look. 

For example: these trousers really screams sporty chic!

Wearing it feels very comfortable, but I add some heels to it, so the look is more me. 

Can you imagine me wearing a real sport venue? No, me neither!

LIFE | Careless Days


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Photos | Kamsing Lau


What to do on a beautiful day when you have the day off?
I took advance of the weather and hang around the balcony in the sun for several hours.
While reading the Dutch Vogue I worked on my tan.
I couldn't ask for a more perfect way to spend the day while having Kamsing beside me.
Those day seems to be rare lately and I'm enjoying it to the fullest.

It's friday again. Do you have any plans for this weekend?

ONLY | Revealing The Story


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Photos | By me



The time has finally come and I can tell you now more about the ONLY campaign.

In February the ONLY crew and I flew to Florida to film the new summer campaign. 

I took care of the behind the scene photos to give you all a little preview of what to expect in the movie.

It was really fun to see how everything works out and I'm really looking forward to show you the campaign. 

And it's not just a campaign, it's an interactive campaign, bacause you can decide the direction of the story in the movie.


The campaign tells a story about an innocent younger local girl from a small town who meets three bad girls from the city and decides to rebel a little bit. 

During the movie she will grown up and become a truly ONLY girl. 


There is much more the tell about this movie.

Throughout the movie you will see different styles from the high summer collection of ONLY. 

The clothes play a big part in the campaign and representative the mood and roles of the four girls.

During the movie it's even possible to click and buy the styles directly from the website, how cool is that?!


And that's not all. In the next couple of weeks ONLY dares you to steal their jeans. 

Curious about what you have to do? Just watch the new campaign and see what you can get.

So what are you waiting for, the ONLY campaign is just one click away... 



NEW IN | White Clutch


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Photos | By Me

Zara | White Clutch


In love with my new clutch. 

The relief of this white beauty is definitely an eye catcher.

At least it got my attention when I ran around like crazy in the Zara last night.

And I managed to walk away with the last one, a nice white catch for sure...

OUTFIT | Hint Of Yellow


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Photos | Kamsing Lau

Asos | Neon Yellow Sunglasses

Necklace | Zara 

Topshop | Mint Green Sheer Top

Zara | Mint Green Sandals and Pants


I love the combination of mint green and yellow.

This statement necklace just suits with almost every single piece in my wardrobe. 

So how can I not love it.