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Fashionable food

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Photos | By me

Vapiano | Oosterdokskade 145 | Amsterdam


A few weeks ago I went to Vapiano for the first time after hearing great reviews about the place from family and friends.

It's an Italian restaurant/bar where you can choose the ingredients and create your own pasta or pizza.

They use fresh products and they prepare the food in an open kitchen for you to watch and that all for a very good price.

I would definitely go back for another lunch or dinner date!


Happy sunday eve!


OUTFIT | Tight Up High


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Photos | Kamsing Lau

Esprit | Pink Knitted Jumper

French Connection | Blue Palazzo Pants

Topshop | Brown Block Heels

Zara | Camel Brown Bag

Lately when I have a bad hair day, all I can think of is wearing my hair up high. 

It looks casual and so easy to do. 

Putting on my big ass glasses and I'm ready to go. 

I'm thinking of a new hairdo, but not sure yet what to do... 

Advice will be very appreciated!


Happy weekend!

DIARY | Week Twenty Nine


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Photos | May, and I


The last two week were busy scheduled with travelling, friends, fashion and a lot of fun!

It was hectic, but at the same time very exciting.

So what are you looking at?


1. Souvenir from Paris; colorful macarons from L'Aduree.

2. First look at AIFW, photos shot by Modereporters.

3. New in: white and beaded.

4. Fashion magazines for a train ride to Amsterdam and my YSL twins.

5. Hot pink glasses at the Fool's Gold show by Dennis Diem @ AIFW.

OUTFIT | Statement Pieces


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Photos | Samm 

Asos | See Through Heel Boots, Silver Cuff

Primark | Black Skirt

Zara | Printed Kimono

YSL | Silver Purple Arty Ring


This is what I wore on the last day of AIFW. 

The shoes arrived just on time for me to put them on and I could definitely feel my feet afterwards...but they are totally worth it.

Another new love is the silver YSL ring, bought in Paris. 

The arty ring collection was a true YSL paradise with all the amazing colors, which made it even more difficult to choose from.

The silver and purple color combination took all my attention and the decision was finally made! 


P.S. I need to relax from all the fashion inspiration of the last four days, time to recover from my fashion hangover! 


EVENT | Modefabriek Impression


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Photos | Me

Modefabriek | Amsterdam RAI | Amsterdam

Brands | Bravoure Amsterdam | Fab Accessories | Roparosa | Roya Hesam | Yarn


Modefabriek is a Dutch trade show, representing over 600 labels.

You can walk around and get to see the new collection of the well known brands, but new young designers will also get a chance to show their work. 

In two days I have seen so many new brands and unique designers, which make me greedy for more!

So here are the impression shots of the last two days, spend inside while outside the weather seems like fall!


Happy monday.

P.S. Special thanks to Rosalie Stokkel of Press Only for the invitation and taking good care of me for the last two days!